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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Option File Community Mega Pack 2017/18 + Update 2 - PES 2018

Option File Mega Pack 2017/18 PES 2018
Option File 2017/18 PES 2018
PES 2018 PC & PS4 Option File Community Mega Pack 2017/18 + Update 2

  • Big Combined Patch from The /r/WEPES Option File Repo thread.
  • All Team names, emblems, strips, competitions, Premier League, EFL Championship, Serie A, Serie B, La Liga, La Liga 2, Bundesliga and many more. .

Update Features For PC :

+ Update 23.09.2017 by eulinho:

  • I collected actual Serie B Kits from DJMatteo and old ones from PESEDIT Patch 2017. They look ok for me ingame, only the sockets are a bit shifted (don’t bother me).
  • I also added missing Liga NOS Kits with 4N63L_77 ones and added all missing Bundesliga kits. So big thanx to all Kit-, Graphic- and Logoeditors!
  • I don’t claim any editing, except collecting the kits and importing them into PC Version and with the words of the first release i would say: “Combined lots of option files together and put them all in order, deleted and corrected lots of errors so we now have one big working patch now.
  • As this is a community patch any trusted person can update it and re-upload with new updated content when available.”

+ Update 1 AIO – released 26.09.2017 by eulinho:

  • Updated many other kits and La Liga 1+2 with better and more actual ones.
  • Iincludes all updates + FIX Bundesliga weird defense etc…)

+ Update 2 AIO – released 02.10.2017 by eulinho:
All In One – No Previous Update Needed.
  • Updated many kits to new version and season for Bundesliga, La Liga + 123, Serie B and more . .
  • Added all managers to european leagues (Pics and Names without other european teams) Added stadiums to Bundesliga. Edited 2 faces for Ribery and Coman.

CL Add-on for Update2 AIO by eulinho
  • Added missing CL teams with squads, logo and kits. Also crvena zvezda is completly added.
  • The last 5 EL teams (hapoel, medipol, astana, salzburg and lugano) just have correct logo and kits. Also added some new serie b and last bulikits. For now i’ll need a rest of editing (eulinho).

Download PES 2018 PC & PS4 Option File Community Mega Pack 2017/18

Installation (PC User) : To install just load the data file when in game, no need to import anything. Don't add the settings.dat file (that's just my pc settings)
  • Rename save Folder in Path: C:\User\XXX\Documents\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2018\save
  • Copy unpacked save Folder to mentioned Path
  • Copy your Replays, ML or other savegames and don’t forget the system00000 File (this is where your ingame settings are saved!)
  • Start game and have fun!!

Installation In PS4 :

  • Download & Extract Files.
  • Copy WEPES Folder in USB & Connect USB in PS4 Console.
  • Open PES2018 Game!
  • Go to EDIT ⇰Data Management ⇰ Import/Export ⇰ Import Team ⇰ Select All Files. Check “Overwriting image files of the same name” and click OK
  • Wait until “Finished importing data.” ? click OK
  • Back to menu, check if all ok.
  • Next, again go to EDIT ⇰Data Management ⇰ Import/Export ⇰ Import Competition & Select All Files.
  • Check “Overwriting image files of the same name” and OK
  • Go back “Finish editing and return to Top Menu” and click YES “Edited Data Saving. Please do not turn off your system.”

Credits/Repacked by : lfcanfield & eulinho

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