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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Chants Pack Update V4 - PES 2019

Chants Pack PES 2019 - Last Updated 15/11/2018
PES 2019 Chants Pack Update V4

  • This is final chant pack of 2018. I originally planned for more leagues but have been mostly ill this month so gonna rest for Christmas.
  • Includes a complete refresh of all Portuguese club teams.
  • Both Primera / Liga Pro teams have increased slots (where more chants could be sourced) and longer chants.
  • Only Feirense and Tondela have zero occupied slots due to lack of chants to source.
  • Includes a refresh of Italian club teams.
  • Serie A teams have increased slots (where more chants could be sourced) and longer chants.
  • Serie B teams are currently unchanged due to lack of time. These will be looked at next version.
  • Also includes update for Servette and Paris St Germain.
  • Also I have updated each of the four additional chantlist files so the V4 pack is already compatibile to team IDs used by PesGalaxy/PTE/IcritMyPants/CyPes.
  • Also I have updated various chants added in V2 and V3 so many are now longer than previously.

Features :

  • 143 teams each with 8 chant slots
  • 92 teams each with 6 chant slots
  • 481 teams each with 4 chant slots
  • 4 teams each with 2 chant slots
  • 72 player chants

Usage Notes :

  • Teams need to be licensed with correct team ID.
  • Empty audio slots have been added to teams where chants couldn't be sourced.
  • Designed for PES2019. Likely fine for 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 aswell.
  • All audio files are intended to have their volume set below the commentary.
  • For Bundesliga chants to work with PTE/PesGalaxy/IcritMyPants/CYPES patches, ensure you download/install additional chantlist file.
Download PES 2019 Chants Update V4

How to Install?

  • Download file & Extract them using WinRAR.
  • Copy the CPK file to the download folder where your PES 2019 game is installed.
  • Generally found in > "C:\Program Files (x86)\User\XxX\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\download".
  • Then generate the DpFileList.bin file with DpFileList Generator by Baris (Put this CPK into the Last Checked).
  • Play & Enjoy the Game!

Credit & Thanks to : predator002

Other Credits :

  • Pack Building Assistance - mauri_d & sxsxsx / Team ID's - Albiore
  • Chant Assistance - yoman, falcom4ever, Alessio_Luzzi, Ethan2, miguel23pc, Smokey_CL, The_Knight
  • Chant Sources -,, YouTube, PES & FIFA